Enjoy the thrill without the chill

Snow sports season is coming up fast! Whatever’s on your agenda – from skiing and snowboarding to bobsleighing – clothes with the right balance of comfort, warmth, good looks, resilience and packability make sure that nothing gets in the way of your adrenaline rush.

Having it all

The Blaze Wear Explorer jacket ticks all of these must-have boxes. Lightweight, super stylish, durable, breathable and packable, its built-in cutting-edge heat technology lets you crank up the warmth in seconds at the touch of the button.

There’s plenty more going on too, like advanced insulation, fleece-lined pockets and a detachable hood for fantastic warmth even without powering up the multi-level heating. Or thoughtful features like great quality textiles and ultra-thin flexible heat elements for complete comfort and free movement. And a compact USB power bank for heat delivery that can also charge a mobile device.

More flexibility

If you’re looking for even more snowsport flexibility, our heatable base layers, gloves and glove liners will hit the same high spots: advanced, adjustable level heat technology, superb comfort and terrific performance.

The soft touch Base Layers work brilliantly as both heated garments and thermal layers, wear the Traveller Gloves or Active Glove Liners on their own, or wear the liners underneath the gloves if temperatures plummet to extremes.

Take a look at our new range for 2017/2018, ideal if you’re heading to the snow this winter.

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