Heated clothing, heated gloves and heat therapy.

Blaze Wear offers on-demand warmth when you need it most. The convenience of being able to turn up the heat at the touch of a button means cold walks, freezing bicycle rides and frosty hikes are a thing of the past. When cold weather works against you, fight back by switching on your own heated clothing. It’s almost magic.

Almost magic, because actually, there is some seriously innovative science going on behind-the-scenes. Yes, you can press your button to ‘on’, and feel the warmth instantly spread around you, but what is precisely happening when you do this? Read how Blaze Wear has created cutting-edge technology so your heated clothing will keep you toasty warm.

Hidden heat

All of Blaze Wear’s ranges of jacket, gilets and gloves have sophisticated built-in heating elements.  These are hair-thin flexible carbon fibres that are integrated into the material.  When you press the button, heat is generated through these fibres in seconds. The heating elements are very small and discreet though,  and can bend and flex, so you can always move freely.

How about the technology that heats Blaze Wear’s clothing? Here’s more about that hidden heat.  The jacketsgilets and base layers are heated by TriZone Heat Technology, which are heating elements that deliver warmth evenly across the body.  Our gloves, glove liners and heat therapy wraps use FIR (Far Infrared Ray) Technology, which allows the heating elements to direct warmth to specific points to get that therapeutic heat to where it’s needed most.

Perfect power

So how does the clothing maintain this warmth that keeps you so cosy? Blaze Wear Explorer and Traveller Jackets have Thermolite padding to keep the heat insulated where you need it. And intelligent, extended life lithium-ion batteries, which are compact, light and low voltage keep the Tri Zone Technology powered up.  These batteries are contained within a power bank that gives up to 13 hours of battery heated clothing, and can be charged by USB. This also means you can charge your phone from the power bank on- the-go too.

All the batteries have a built-in thermostat and a controller for three levels of heat, so you can decide how toasty warm you want to go via an easy access, three-colour LED button for controlling the heat.

So, there you have it. The next step? Try Blaze Wear for yourself. Don’t cut short your enjoyment of the outdoors because of the cold. Go further with Blaze Wear.