We want you to know how it feels to wear a Blaze wear jacket. We want you to be just as excited as we are about our brilliant heated clothing. And you will be, trust us. Once you’ve had the choice to switch on the heat via that magic glowing button, ordinary unheated clothing just won’t have the same appeal.

But it’s hard to get an understanding of how our heated clothing works, and how it feels. We get that. So let us talk you through how a Blaze Wear jacket feels to wear.

Firstly, it’s important to know that everyone has their own way with Blaze Wear. We know Blaze Wear fans who switch on their battery heated jackets before they even leave the house! And some of us like to save the heat until we really need it – like right at the end of a long day outdoors.  But the best way is YOUR way, and that’s however way you like it.

Blaze Wear Explorer

You need to know that the Explorer Jacket is one stylish bit of British design.  The jacket has a sturdy look which you know equals superior quality. The Explorer has a distinctive matt finish, which gives it an edgy chic. Both the men’s and women’s jackets have detachable hoods; the woman’s comes with a faux fur hood trim, giving a nod to winter trends.

Put the jacket on and immediately you’ll feel reassuringly encased whilst still having room to move. Thoughtful details become apparent: hands in pockets encounter a soft fleecy liner and snug cuffs keep wrists draft free. Inside the jacket is where the magic happens. Bottom right is the pocket which encases your USB battery pack. Make sure your lead is plugged in, then press on. Next notice that neat little button, top right inside the jacket? That’s access to on-demand warmth. There’s three choices of heat to opt for blue, white and red. Red’s the warmest, white is mid, and blue is the coolest setting, which you can set according to your needs. Battery heated clothing – here we go!

Blaze Wear Traveller

We find the Blaze Wear Traveller Jacket to be a more snug and flattering fit, with clever darts of material to nick and tuck around your form. When you zip into the Traveller range you feel pulled together and ready for action. The material is multi-purpose so it repels rain and  snow but at the same time has a stylish sheen to it to keep you looking good on the move. Added features include those warming fleece -lined pockets, and we recommend hooking your thumbs through the specifically designed thumb cuffs to keep you extra cosy. The jacket is insulated with Thermolite padding too.

Just like the Explorer, the Traveller jacket has the option to activate the heated clothing. On the bottom right hand inner pocket is your USB battery pack which you need to ensure is plugged in and ready to go. Then it’s that easy-to-access button on the top inner right. Switch on the heat and you’ll start to feel warmth on the front heat panels and on the back. Now your body will start to naturally spread the heat through your  body. 

So, this is how our Blaze Wear Jackets feel.  It’s simply looking good and keeping warm.  Let our technology do the rest.