Whether you’re training for your next marathon, half marathon or park run, we’ve got you covered!

Heat Therapy and Training

Blaze Wear enables you to warm core muscles quickly, easily and effectively, before any sporting activity such as running. We’d recommend incorporating Heat Therapy products into your warm-up to enhance movement and reduce the risk of an injury.

Using Heat Therapy for training has long been seen as beneficial, with people traditionally using heated grain bags, which deliver surface heat for a short period. The next generation of Heat Therapy products by Blaze Wear are far more advanced, using the latest FIR (Far Infrared Rays) technology, which means that the heat generated warms through the top layer of skin and into the muscle tissue.

FIR Technology

Our heat therapy range is designed with advanced therapeutic deep tissue heat technology utilising FIR. Our products deliver targeted, deep penetrating heat that provides effective relief from ailments such as Raynaud’s phenomenon, arthritis, muscle strain and general joint stiffness.

The heating elements incorporated into our heat therapy range utilise advanced flexible carbon fibres, each the thickness of a single hair. Generating heat in seconds, the elements can be bent and curved without compromising their integrity or performance.

Heated Base Layers

Our heated base layers are perfect for layering underneath clothing, offering you the chance to warm your muscles before you train, as well as keeping you warm throughout your training.

Designed with a soft touch, breathable fabric with built in stretch for comfort, our unisex base layers contain TriZone heating elements which are positioned across the hips and knees on our base layer pants, and across the stomach and back on our base layer tops.


For more information on the technology of our heated products please visit Our Tech