The Moto Range by Blaze Wear

Launching 7th September 2018

Inspired by the adventures and culture of motorcycling, Blaze Wear are about to launch a new range of heated clothing developed specifically for riders.

The capsule collection consists of 5 pieces designed to deliver a powerful top to toe boost of heat during cold weather spells.

How it Works

The clothing works either as individual garments or a fully connected outfit that is powered directly through one cable from your bike.

When activated, ultra-thin carbon fibre elements, which are positioned within the lining of the clothing, quickly emit heat through to the body to provide an immediate boost in temperature.

The technology offers three temperature settings between 38°C – 52°C, which can easily be adjusted and controlled according to weather conditions and preferred comfort levels, via a temperature control button with LED indicator.

Fits Comfortably Under your Leathers

The lightweight vest, jacket and trousers are designed to be worn under leathers, without impeding on movement.

There are also Heated Glove Liners, which are touch screen compatible and designed to heat from back of hand to each finger’s tip, and socks to liberate your feet from cold during rides.

Ace Cafe Partnership

Blaze Wear are delighted to be partnering with Ace Cafe London – known as the world´s most famous motor cafe, which has been “the home” for petrolheads and all those with a passion for motorcycles, cars and rock ‘n’ roll since 1938 – to launch this innovative new range.

The Moto Range will be available to purchase online from early September 2018 and during the Ace Café reunion weekend, with events from 7-9thSeptember. For more information on the Reunion Weekend, visit Ace Cafe’s site here: