Keeping Warm in the Yard

How to stay warm when the temperature drops


Now that autumn is upon us and the weather has started to change, it can be particularly cold when outside for long periods of time. Riding and caring for your horse can be a challenge in the winter months, and by the time you get home you can no longer feel any of your body and it can take a long time to thaw.

But fear not, we’re here to give you some helpful tips on how to stay warm when you’re out riding or at the stables.


Head first


Firstly, we advise to always keep your head warm! It is well-known that you lose most of your heat through your head. We understand that whilst you are riding you will likely be wearing a helmet, but you still need to keep your ears warm, so we recommend that you either get a helmet with ear flaps, head warmers or wear ear muffs. You can also add a scarf to prevent losing heat from your neck.


Keep your fingers warm


Do you ever get the feeling that your fingers are about to fall off after grooming your horse or watching a competition?

Well we believe that our heated Active Glove Liners are the perfect remedy for that. Transform any gloves into heated ones with our heated glove liners. They have a heating element that run around the edge of the fingers – right to the tips. They can be worn comfortably under your riding gloves or simply worn on their own when you want heat without bulk.


Tuck yourself in


Whilst it may sound rather trivial, we always recommend ensuring your t-shirt is tucked into your breeches or jodhpurs. This can make such a difference when you’re out riding or at the stables, guaranteeing that the chilly breezes won’t get to you.

Better yet, you could replace your t-shirt with a Heated Base Layer. This is designed in a slimline fit, with a breathable fabric, which when connected to a 7.4V battery heats up at the touch of a button – perfect for keeping pace with drops in temperature.


Safety first


Don’t take any unnecessary risks, if you are worried that the weather isn’t appropriate to ride, or it has been snowing or is icy and the terrain is uncertain then don’t risk it.

If you do however decide the conditions are appropriate and do decide to go out, be sure to tell somebody and ensure you wear clothing that can be seen. We recommend reflective clothing, whilst it might not be as stylish as what you’re used to wearing, I am sure you will agree the pros outweighs the cons.


Don’t forget about your horse!


You should ensure you use a quarter sheet whilst riding, to prevent the muscles cooling down too much and causing injury. This is of particular importance for body clipped horses.

We also recommend you have an appropriate weight turnout rug for the winter, particularly when it has been snowing to keep the horse warm.


Blaze Wear’s Equestrian Products


We are continually expanding our range of equestrian heated products; so, watch this space for more information! Alternatively, view the collection online.