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5V Rechargeable Glove/Sock/Head Warmer USB Power Bank


Our smaller heated products such as the Wellington Boot Socks and Head & Ear Warmer are powered by our USB power bank - an extended life power supply.

What’s included

  • Rechargeable USB lithium-polymer battery

  • USB charging cable

  • Instruction manual

  • 3 month warranty

This intelligent, rechargeable 3,000 mAh lithium-polymer battery enables you to heat your Boot Socks or Head Warmer, as well as charge your mobile device, giving you exceptional functionality on the go.

You can easily recharge your USB power bank from any USB port. The Power Pack includes a USB charging cable.

  • Compact black design

  • 5V USB with 2.1 amp output

  • 3,000 mAh Power Bank

  • Charge from any USB port such as laptop, desktop, car or USB mains plug

  • Capable of charging most mobile devices

  • Built in adjustable heat settings delivering temperatures of up to 55°C