Our Press Coverage page includes recent publications which have featured Blaze Wear products and our innovative technology. For media enquiries and further information please visit our media page.



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Active Traveller included Blaze Wear's Traveller Jacket in their round up of the best Christmas gifts for hiking, cycling, travel and adventure.


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Outdoors Radar discusses the recent partnership between Spartan Race UK and Blaze Wear, and how our Heat Therapy range supports athletes through providing help alleviate conditions from sports injury and ensure muscles are warmed-up safely.


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See The Episode Here The Gadget Show

Watch our Blaze Wear Traveller jacket come out on top during The Gadget Show’s Wild Challenge Special beating some of the biggest and best brands out there!


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Gadgets & Wearables visited us at the London Wearable Technology Show 2018 described the benefits of Blaze Wear products stating: ‘Instead of having to add extra layers or wear heavier and bulkier garments when it’s really cold, you simply heat what you’re wearing’.


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Blaze Wear’s Traveller Jacket featured alongside jackets by Givenchy, Moncler and The North Face in GQ’s ‘The most stylish winter coats right now’.

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In The Guardian’s Valentine’s gift round-up, they stated that our heated Traveller Gloves are ‘for the coldest of hands that need an extra boost from technology‘ making the perfect Valentine’s gift.

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In their top picks of items which captured ‘Californian Cool’ style, The Times featured our Traveller Jacket. Included with other cool new products such as high tech trainers, they highlighted the ‘built-in batteries will also charge your phone while you’re on the move’.



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Fitness gadgets to give you a healthy head start in 2018

Read The Article Here Evening Standard

Helping readers get a healthy head start in 2018, Evening Standard discussed fitness gadgets to help you get on the right track, and included a jacket from our Explorer range which ‘incorporates TriZone technology to keep you warm at the touch of a button’

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‘Keep those cyclone bombs at bay with these jackets from Blaze Wear’. T3 describe the style and functional benefits of the Blaze Wear Traveller & Explorer jackets.

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Blaze Wear’s Traveller jacket featured in The Telegraph’s ’10 best winter coats to wrap up warm in for 2018’ in which it was described as ‘a stroke of genius’ ‘for mixing scientific innovation with classic styling’.



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InThe Snow.com reviewed our heated base layers describing how they ‘keep perfect pace with drops in temperature.’

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Outdoors Radar reviewed our Explorer jacket, and were impressed by our Tri Zone technology which ‘is seamlessly integrated into each garment with two panels at the front and one at the back, targeting your core which naturally distributes heat around the body’.


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Read The Article Here Bald Hiker

There is some ingenious tech gone into this to make the items as practical as any good winter clothing’. The Bald Hiker shares his thoughts on the Blaze Wear Traveller Jacket.