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Heated Knee Support

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The Heated Knee Wrap is purpose-designed to help those with painful knee joints and ligaments.

You can choose to buy this product with or without heat. If you’d like it Heated then you’ll need to choose a Battery Pack (we’ve already selected that option below). If you prefer the Wrap without the battery then just select the 'No Battery’ option.

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Our Heated Knee Support is purpose-designed to help those with painful knee joints and ligaments. Delivering soothing heat, it encourages increased circulation, helps relieves pain and stiffness, and eases the knee and surrounding area. With heat levels that can be adjusted at the touch of a button, you can also use the support to warm up when you’re feeling chilly.

Blaze Wear’s Heat Therapy Range cleverly integrates cutting-edge FIR (Far Infrared Ray) and carbon fibre technology to safely deliver deep-penetrating heat that helps to alleviate pain and speed up recovery. The range is carefully designed and developed to optimise heat delivery and is powered by extended life rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. We use advanced flexible carbon fibres so that items can be bent and curved without compromising their technical integrity. Read more about our heat technology


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable fastening
  • Hand washable
  • Powered by a rechargeable 7.4v lithium-ion battery (single battery and UK/EU mains charger included)
  • Up to 6.5 hours of uninterrupted heat
  • Three adjustable heat settings with temperatures of up to 55°C

Take Care of Me

  • Machine wash as per instructions on inner care label