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Inter-Connectivity Y Splitter Cable


Blaze Wear’s Motorcycle Inter-Connectivity Y Splitter allows the rider to connect multiple items of heated clothing from the Moto Range, from a single battery harness. This would be required if using a jacket and trouser at the same time for example.


What's Included 

  • Y splitter cable

  • 1 year warranty


To benefit from the Moto Range’s inter-connectivity capabilities, connect the Y Splitter to the Battery Harness, this will allow you to connect multiple items all from one cable. For example you can wear our  Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner and Heated Trouser Liners at the same time, this will also give you the option to connect our Heated Glove Liners and Over Socks without multiple cables.

By using the inter-connectivity cable, this also allows your passenger to connect their Heated Motorcycle Clothing to the motorcycle so you can both feet the benefit while on the road.

We would highly recommend investing in an Inter-Connectivity Y Splitter to protect the fuse.


  • Y Splitter Cable

  • 6” long

  • Compatible with 12V

  • Required if connecting more than one item to the battery harness kit at the same time (eg a jacket and trousers)
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