All products purchased from Blaze Wear Group Ltd. are covered under the following terms:

  • Clothing & Heating Elements – 12 months
  • Batteries – 3 months

We provide a 12 month guarantee on the components and workmanship of the heating elements and garments.  Should they break or stop functioning within 12 months of receipt, and once we have determined that these elements and/or garments are defective solely as a result of a manufacturing defect, we will supply you a replacement unit at no charge.

We provide a 3 month guarantee on all batteries/battery packs. We will repair or replace any battery found to be defective as a result of a manufacturing defect.

It is important that you charge your battery regularly, in particular care should be taken to charge your battery when not in use e.g. during warmer periods when you may choose not to use the heating elements. Failure to do so will result in your warranty becoming null and void.

In case you believe your product to be defective at first use please check the instructions again to make sure that you have not missed something.

Please return your item to end all items for replacement to Blazewear Group Ltd, 219 Chapel Street, Leigh, Greater Manchester, WN7 2AP.  Please enclose your original invoice where possible - alternatively a note stating your full name, contact details and order number. 

Normal wear and tear or customer negligence are not covered under the Blaze Wear Group Ltd. warranty.

Our guarantee does not cover damage caused by misuse, accident, abuse or improper care.

If you modify your Blaze Wear products in any way or attempt to use them with an alternative brand of battery this guarantee becomes ineffective.

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