Introducing The Moto Range by Blaze Wear, a new collection of heated motorcycle clothing, specifically developed for bikers when they’re up against extreme cold conditions whilst on the road.

Perfect for wearing underneath your favourite leathers, our lightweight bike gear is 12V, and plugs directly into your bike to provide heat on demand. View the new range today.

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  1. Moto Trouser Liners
    Heated Motorcycle Trouser Liners
    £69.99 Regular Price £139.99
  2. Battery Harness Kit
    Battery Harness Kit
    Special Price £7.99 Regular Price £15.99
  3. Heated Motorcycle Glove Liners
    Heated Motorcycle Glove Liners
    £49.99 Regular Price £99.99
  4. Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner
    Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner
    £84.99 Regular Price £169.99
  5. Heated Motorcycle Over Socks
    Heated Motorcycle Over Socks
    £42.49 Regular Price £84.99
  6. Moto Vest Liner
    Heated Motorcycle Vest
    £69.99 Regular Price £139.99
  7. Inter-Connectivity Y Splitter Cable
    Inter-Connectivity Y Splitter Cable
    Special Price £4.99 Regular Price £9.99
  8. Moto SAE to Coax Adaptor
    Moto SAE to Coax Adaptor
    Special Price £4.99 Regular Price £9.99
  9. Motorcycle Converter Plug
    Motorcycle Converter Plug
    Special Price £4.99 Regular Price £9.99
  10. Multi Fuse Pack
    Multi Fuse Pack
    Special Price £2.49 Regular Price £4.99
  11. Wireless Motorcycle Remote Controller
    Wireless Motorcycle Remote Controller
    Special Price £17.49 Regular Price £34.99

11 Items

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